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Just Smile
Hugs and Love
Your Never Alone*
Slow Me Down Lord
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I am a Christian
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My Only Guarantee
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Keeper of Friendship
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In a friendship
We're free to expose,
Parts of ourselves
Nobody else knows.
But the thing that sustains it
And sets it apart,
Is not something spoken
It's a bond of the heart.
True friends are rare
In a lifetime two or three,
I'm so glad it happened
Between you and me!

Just Smile!

Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at
me today, I started smiling too.

I passed around
the corner, and someone saw my grin -
When she smiled I realized, I'd passed it on to her.
I thought about
that smile, then I realized its worth,
A single smile, just like
mine, could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile
begin, don't leave it undetected -

Let's start an epidemic
quick and get the world infected!

author unknown

Subject: Hugz and love

_.' _ _ `.
.--(#)=(##)--- *\
.' @ /***\
: , /***/
`-..__.-' _.-\***/
===== --\
.' `.
/, JOE ,\
// KOOL! \\
___`. | .'___
(_) $__|_$__(_)
This is a hug certificate
Send one to all of your friends you think deserve a hug.
Be aware you are promising your friend a virtual hug and a
real hug.
There is no chain letter to this. It just makes a person feel better.
This one I am giving to you because you are a friend of mine.

Consider carefully what you say. Once your words have been spoken they cannot be recalled.
Consider carefully what you think. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.
Consider carefully what you do, because most every action you take will require even more effort to undo, if it can be undone at all. And the opportunities you fail to act upon bring nothing but stinging regret.
Consider carefully your deepest desires. They will empower you to the degree that you know and understand them.
Consider carefully the perspectives of the people around you, for they can add immense richness to your life.
Consider carefully your life, your time, and what you will do with them. Time passes quickly regardless of what you do. Your best option is to make it count, to make the highest and best use of it.
Consider carefully this moment, because your future begins right now.


When I say..."I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting "I am saved"
I'm whispering "I was lost!"
That is why I chose this way."

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need someone to be my guide.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
and pray for strength to carry on.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
and cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
my flaws are too visible
but God believes I'm worth it.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain
I have my share of heartaches
which is why I seek His name.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I do not wish to judge.
I have no authority.
I only know I'm loved.


- Today I smiled, and all at once
Things didn't look so bad.
- Today I shared with someone else,
A bit of hope I had.

Today I sang a little song,
And felt my heart grow light,
And walked a happy little mile,
With not a cloud in sight.

Today I worked with what I had
And longed for nothing more,
And what had seemed like only weeds,
Were flowers at my door.

Today I loved a little more
And complained a little less,
And in the giving of myself,
I forgot my weariness.

My Only Guarantee

Accept me as I am - I have no guarantee. A claim to perfection I have not. Perfect I cannot be. I, like human. Prone to make mistakes. Failure is not a character flaw, Just a part of the human makeup. I live, I laugh and I also learn. My knowledge is incomplete. I am searching all the time, in waking hours as well as sleep. I have a long road to travel, as well as you do. We learn our lessons on the way. Wisdom we shall accrue. Accept me as I am Because I am And You are you. No one like me in the world. That is my only guarantee.


You and I are in a relationship that I value and want to keep. Yet each of us is a separate person with her own unique needs and the right to try to meet those needs. I will try to be genuinely accepting of your behavior when you are trying to meet your needs or when you are having problems meeting your needs.
When you share your problems, I will try to listen acce-ptingly and understandingly in a way that will facilitate your finding your own solutions rather than depending upon mine. When you have a problem because my behavior is interfering with you meeting your needs, I encourage you to tell me openly and honestly how you are feeling. At those times, I will listen and then try to modify my behavior, if I can.
However, when your behavior interferes with my meet- ing my own needs, thus causing me to feel unaccepting of you, I will share my problem with you and tell you as openly and honestly as I can exactly how I am feeling, trusting that you respect my needs enough to listen and then try to modify your behavior.
At those times when either of us cannot modify her behavior to meet the needs of the other and find that we have a conflict-of-needs in our relationship, let us commit ourselves to resolve each such conflict without ever resorting to the use of either my power or yours to win at the expense of the other losing. I respect your needs, but I also must respect my own. Consequently, let us strive always to search for solutions to our inev- itable conflicts that will be acceptable to both of us. In this way, your needs will be met, but so will mine-no one will lose, both will win.
As a result, you can continue to develp as a person through meeting your needs, but so can I. Our relation- ship thus can always be a healthy one because it will be mutally satisfying. Each of us can become what she is capable of being, and we can continue to relate to each other with feelings of mutual respect, love, in friendship and in peace.


Ease the pounding of my heart by the
quieting of my mind.
Steady my hurried pace with a vision
of the eternal reach of time.
Give me, amid the confusion of the day,
the calmness of the everlasting hills.
Break the tensions of my nerves
and muscles with the soothing
music of the singing streams
that live in my memory.
Help me to know the magical,
restoring power of sleep.
Teach me the art of taking minute
vacations--of slowing down to look
at a flower, to chat with a friend, to
pat a dog, to read a few lines
from a good book.
Slow me down, Lord, and inspire
me to send my roots deep into
the soil of life’s enduring
values that I may grow toward
the stars of my greater destiny.


You're never alone, you've an angel
Although it may seem far away
Somewhere up in the sky, above where the clouds fly
But that's where they come from, not where they reside
You just have to call them to be by your side
Cos you're never alone, you've an angel.

You're never alone, you've an angel
(At least one, if not two or more)
Just ask them a question, await the reply
Through TV, the post, or in bed where you lie
Asleep, deep in dreaming, and when you awake
Your reasoning, trance-like, your head needs a shake
Make the first thing you do upon waking each day
To record your dream travels and see what they say
They may be a message sent down from above
To help you, to guide you, to fill you with love.
Cos you're never alone, you've an angel.

So if you feel lonely, or if you feel blue
There's an angel beside you to help you, it's true.
Cos you're never alone, you've an angel.
Now open your heart up, it's waiting for you.

A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like those blades of grass
you can never mow,
standing straight, tall, and proud
in a perfect little row.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.

(\ /)
( \ _ / )
( \ ( ) / )

With aida, evenweave and linen,
what wonderous talent to be give
A needle and floss to paint a picture,
oh so glad I am a stitcher.

You stitch and rip then stitch some more,
and wonder what is all is for.
When to your eyes there does appear,
a picture of beauty oh so dear.

We make treasures one by one,
stitch diligently 'til they are done.
A gift of love we give away,
for friends and family to display.

Many years we've stitched with care,
these treasures we love to share.
A life that's full and so much richer,
just since I've become a stitcher.




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